Anti smoking propaganda

I was watching a program on the ABC the other day addressing air quality (or lack of ) in the Hunter valley region of News South Wales and it was quite disturbing. I am a bit confused as to why there has been nothing done about it? it is obvious the coal dust is causing a string of respiratory illnesses the Government have been made fully aware of the problem and are simply ignoring any correspondence to properly address the issue why is this? is it because they make an absolute fortune from the coal mining industry here in Australia or are they fully aware of the ongoing health problems associated with coal mining and are just ignoring it hoping it will go away?

I think we all know the answer to that question don't we? why is it that these types of programs are thrown almost "hidden" on the ABC and not shown on say more mainstream stations like CH7- 9 etc where they will get a lot better exposure going out to a wider audience?

Anyway I have put this page together to have MY say on the anti smoking Nazis here in Australia and the above when you think about it relates to it (well in my mind anyway) where we have "junk science" relating to every type of respiratory illness known to man related to and blamed on smoking be it direct or passive and the Governments billions spent on their anti tobacco advertisements being drummed into the public 25 hours a day 366 days of the year when they should be focusing on say bigger health issues such as obesity for example.

Anti smokin laws are doin huge economic damage here in this country to pubs and casinos, the long time Australian tradition is long gone of goin down the pub and havin a few stubbies and a smoke after work with ya mates, I think this is due to Americanism, the Americanization of this country is gettin worse by the day it all boils down to public liability and everyone suing everyone else to make a quick buck it's pathetic as it effects everyday life in every niche goin as far as local Council pullin down play equipment in local parks because a kid runs the risk of skinnin a knee or even worse chippin a nail it's bureaucracy gone mad!!

So where do the children play? (good Cat Steven's song) no physical exercise the parents are forced to haul em home and hook em up to the xbox for the day no wonder childhood obesity is such a big problem not only in this country but globally.

There is no real concrete evidence to show smokin causes cancer lets face it the "hysteria" propagated to the brainwashed in their eyes it is just that, it seems to me these days it is almost fashionable and cool to be an anti smoking lobbyist Nazi, it's hammered into children at school (like religion) breeding and almost turning children of today into anti smokin zombies!!

Before I continue don't get me wrong as smoking is NOT good for you, for me to make a statement like "smokin is good for you" would be crazy what has prompted me to write up this page is the way I was treated a few months back in a car park of all places (outdoors) and also MY RIGHTS as a smoker, I am not saying "go out and smoke it won't do ya any harm" I don't smoke around children, to be honest I wish I never took the habit up, havin said that let me continue ....

I was sitting in MY car like a diseased smoking leper at the back of the car park mind you enjoyin a smoke waiting for Shaz to finish shopping, being well read on the smoking laws I knew it was illegal to smoke within 250 kilometers from the front door of the shopping center be it an OPEN car park or an underground car park, I love that one with the underground car park ya can't smoke within 5m of the entrance/ exit but ya can breathe in the shit and carcinogens produced by the vehicles that use the car park exhausts? where's the signs warning the general public on the potential hazards of a cars exhaust emissions? not there are they? well I haven't seen any.

While I am at it I must make mention of another absolutely ridiculous smoking law and that is the one say in a pub or casino where you have say 5 machines all "non smoking" then the next 5 machines are all "smoking" a matter of millimeters apart, what a bloody joke that is, trust me smoke has the ability to drift from the smoking to non smoking machines, have you heard anyone complain? NO especially if on that very very rare occasion the "non smoking" machine is actually payin out!! if it is not then you will get a complaint that ya smoke is drifting over to their "non smokin" machines it really is crazy stuff.

Anyway I had pulled into that car space well before the woman that had a shot at me did, she was 2 spaces from me when she said "put that cigarette out I have children" where my reply was "I was here well before you woman and I will put the smoke out when I have finished it" her children were lookin at her as if she was Satan she then said "don't you know smoking kills?" I said "bring me the proof and it can't be as bad as that cheap nasty perfume ya wearin that is effecting my delicate nasal passages move on"

She went on and on like a misinformed fool so I just wound up the window and turned the stereo up, this is what I am gettin at of course them children were takin all this onboard and to them it is totally acceptable behavior now in their eyes to approach a complete stranger in a car park and start slinging off orders this is the effect it has on people like that as in the easily programmable public I label them.

This woman was grossly obese I could of said something like "statistics show obesity related heart disease is a bigger killer than smoking related heart disease so get away from me I might catch a fat disease" of course I wouldn't say that it all boils down to this "passive smokin" BS again it has the brainwashed absolutely paranoid and ya would probably find she was an ex smoker to boot, bloody hypocrite.

Passive smoking I will give my opinion on this trendy word "passive smoking" as that is all it is to me anyway just a trendy word that the sheep love to use, lets look at a hypothetical scenario .. Joe Blogs is a very heavy smoker a 70 a day man and has been smokin since the age of 11 he is now 60 do the math, he has no real signs of any smoking related illnesses and has not only been puffin away his 70 a day but he has also been a passive smoker for 49 years also and he is perfectly healthy why is that? then there is Jane Doe of the same age who has never smoked but works in an office that allows smoking at work for it's workers as it improves productivity, poor old Jane has no designated smoking area so she just puts up with it.

So .... look at Joe and Jane, a heavy smoker as the powers to be say should have lung cancer right? but he hasn't, Jane has been breathing in second hand smoke in the office for the past decade but is still relatively healthy... so how many years as a "passive smoker" as opposed to Joe has Jane got to catch up before her lungs are in the same condition as Joe's? 5- 600 years I would say easily, what's the average life span of a human being? can ya see what I am gettin at? trust me there are a lot more nastier things in the environment to worry about these days then passive bloody smoke.

Genetic susceptibility I will give my opinion on genetic susceptibility as I think it is very important to look at an individuals genetic background and his/ hers genetic ability to resist against certain carcinogens as I think genetics play an absolutely massive part in a smoker/ non smoker whether they do or do not develop certain types of cancers just remember this is only my theory and of course I am not an Oncologist or anything I am just very observant.

We have no doubt all seen the 150 year old person who is as healthy as the day they were born drinkin like a fish (fish don't drink) but anyway and smokin like a train and they seem to have no obvious signs of ill health from the above so why is this?

It's genetics them wonderful little stands of DNA that make us who we are in every way, once again I am not a Geneticist this is only my theory, genes can protect us from all sorts of common and uncommon illnesses including cancer if only it was as easy as to isolate that one gene and use it to our advantage but of cause it is not that easy to do and personally I think man will never find a cure for cancer ... let me put that a different way: man will never find a cure for certain types of cancers.


                                                                                                   See ya next year!!

I can trace my family history back hundreds of years through many generations and this is all hand written documents not some inaccurate BS internet research (not that I am sayin it is all inaccurate) and I am absolutely convinced cancer will not be what takes me out as there is very little cases of it in both sides of my family I am a smoker as I mentioned before and just recently I was forced to wait 6 hours at a Hospital to get a script for hypertension (hereditary) in my case and had my blood pressure and blood oxygen absorption tested both with excellent results, genetics see.

The reason I am writtin all this lot is that this should also be taken into consideration when havin all this anti smokin rubbish rammed down ya throat, you must bear in mind that genetics is very powerful so .... to stop cancer in theory should we take a different approach and cull out all these people with "bad genes" after all it is them that keep passing it on isn't it? they are the carriers pro active eh haha this way we treat the disease at root level before it becomes an actual disease makes sense eh? course it doesn't it's a ridiculous statement just like anti smoking advertisements', anti smoking laws and advertisements are put in place purely for political and profit purposes, some people are more susceptible to certain diseases then other people it's as simple as that.

Here is once again one of my theory's, from the last time I read the figures on what the government makes on tobacco excise tax that was years ago and I think it worked out to be around $1200 AUD per kilo that no doubt is a lot more now but that is ok as the scabs have to leech some bucks from somewhere I suppose, but look on the other side of the fence with anti smoking medications such as patches, and other types of medications to help stop smoking this is a multi billion dollar industry the pharmaceutical industry are just rakin it in see what I am gettin at? is this the reason we are fed an endless diet of "anti smoking" advertising? think about it.

What about these disgusting images they put on cigarette packaging? after all these are Government warnings some including Autopsy images what do you think goes through a child's mind when they see these kinds of images on their parents cigarette packet sittin on the table? it is enough to give them nightmares face facts you would not expose a child to them sort of images if you knew that content would be in a TV program would you? cross sectional images of a pair of lungs full of cancer which is probably not from smokin anyway. I can guarantee it does not put me off smokin, I can also guarantee ya them images will stick in a Child's mind for all the wrong reasons, this sort of "scare tactics" advertising achieves nothing.

Think about this ... when was the last time you seen or heard something on the subject of cancer/ be it on the TV or in ya face on some bill board somewhere? not that long ago eh? maybe today? the whole world is completely and utterly obsessed with cancer that in itself is like the disease!!

Don't eat cheese it increases the chances of colon cancer, don't eat peanut butter as it is linked to the same thing, don't eat burnt meat off the barbie it gives ya cancer, don't use that certain brand of food it will give ya cancer, don't use mouthwash it will give you mouth cancer and so on and so forth, humans have been eatin burnt meat for millions of years, I think research funding is way to easy to get and the most stupid of studies is fair game just come up with the most ludicrous, idiotic thing you can think of which is of no benefit to man in any way shape or form and apply for a research grant it is that simple JUNK SCIENCE!!! and in the same breath they are stating statistics show we are livin longer?


                                                                                                So can a naggin wife !!!

These are all the things that have to be taken into consideration when conducting any type of research the theory (because that is all it is) that smokin causes cancer is a broad one there are so many factors involved, environmental, family history, genetics as i mentioned it is beyond me how they can come up with an accurate and concrete result? backing their claims that smoking DOES cause cancer? the only way this could be achieved from what i can think is to have an endless supply of identical twins (as they share the same DNA) livin in the same environment doin the same thing that smoke and then havin another set of identical twins doin the same as above that don't smoke even then the research results still wouldn't hold water as there are to many outside influences that can change the end result, thats the thing with science that makes it so interesting and that is the discovery of something we know little about only poses more questions, the fact is we simply do not know enough between the link of cancer and the smoking of cigarettes that's it in a nut shell.

         Above: This is just plain ridiculous and way overboard, there is no way this fetus smoked all them cigarettes.

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