Paint 2

A bit more progress, all windows have been pulled out and all the old caulking scraped off ready to be re-bedded, the windows have not been out since it was built i would say and that was back before the days of modern silicon in the 70's, It took some prep work that's for sure and Shaz actually loves sandin? anyway as they say a good overall finish all boils down to how good the prep work was done in the fist place it's as simple as that.

                  This pic is the last of the top coats ready for the clear coat to seal it all up and give it a nice durable gloss 

I have enlarged this pic to give the viewer a better idea on the overall result it is floor less, results like this can only be achieved by using a good quality paint (of course ya can fluke it with rubbish paint as well sometimes) the above pic is with no clear coat yet.

I usually use 3M it's the ducks plums but for this job I used "Concept paints" it is a very very good product right throughout their range of products, the "stone chip" finish was applied first with the U pol gun and the color of course put over the top of it, I am more than happy with the finish, only thing is it looks a bit like a cabin cruiser now!!

One side completed, I have  done the"stone chip" paint applied over an etch primer, some hybuild, then color top coat in Arctic white, then apply pin stripes to break up large area of white, then about 12 light coats of clears to finish off then I fitted the tinted windows which are 35% VLT which makes it even cooler again inside perfect.

The pin stripes are not bent its just the pixels can't pic them up being only 3mm wide they are dead straight believe it or not I only just noticed it then in the pic, also the picture quality has dropped dramatically by resizing the images so the page loads quicker as the originals are 570 kb each they are now 104 odd.

A view from side on, few small jobs left to do such as fit another two running lights and clean up some dags of silicon from around the windows where they have been re- bedded.

    Painted the front section today no stone chip finish just straight color and clear stinkin hot and very high humidity havin to      empty the moisture trap every 10 seconds, anyway come up nice. 

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