Interior fit out

Because we have a bit of time on our hands as we have set a rough date to set off around the 28/11/10 so I have plenty of time to plod around, I have been tidyin up the timber work inside, the bench tops although in good nic surface wise they are swollen as water has an amazing ability to get under laminex, the right type of chipboard was not used as in a board treated with formaldahyde used for wet areas, I picked up a new off cut (same as background on this page) from the salvage yard for $10 also a lot larger stainless sink ($15) as the original one is far to small.

The cupboards (the above page header) are in good nic but are all chipped around the edges so to clean em up and make em look more respectable I put a mitered Meranti edge around them to hide the chips now they look perfect as the actual faces are unmarked.

Going to the salvage yard today 21/09/10 to see if they have any off cuts of Versilux if so that will be countersunk with stainless screws to the splash back behind the sink (stainless sheet) and I have some nice brand new ceramic wall tiles and will do the splash back and the whole wall (bloody typical as i sold my tile cutter at the swap meet last Saturday)

Lookin a lot better then the old 70's random cut board, I have started to clad all cupboards in cedar cords (or slats) shabby pic though, before pic is at the header of this page.

Batteries box half finished with inspection hatch to gain easy access to the terminals etc, this cupboard was used by the previous owner as water storage as ya can see it leaked at some stage as it has bled up through all that beautiful 1970's wall paper :-) it originally had no shelves and was wasted space, part of the bottom carcase of the wardrobe had to be replaced as it rotted out, and the hinges are like that for obvious reasons.

Batteries compartment older pics installed 12v extraction fan and vent on the front of the door to exhaust any Hydrogen gas that may be produced while the batteries are under charge or discharge.

To be continued!!

                                                                              Commin along well now but still a lot to do.

Pantry and batteries storage is completed the slotted vent cut into the front is what i cut out of an old mig welder everything has a use.

                                                                                           Shot from another angle.

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