Still a long ways off completion but gettin there slowly

                                              Start set out, ignore time stamp on pic I can't seem to reset date on cam?

                                                                                                    Groutin half finished.

Worked out well the tiles go well with the Cedar all grouted and caulked at the bottom edging needs finishing off but plenty of time for that.

                                                                                                 Gettin there slowly.

                                                                                                    It's a never ending job but nearly complete.

I thought I might throw this one on here also I found the other day while lookin for somethin else on an old disc, this is the kitchen i redone in a 30ft Chesney I had years ago plenty of room in that old van as ya can see I used all melamine as it was free and easy to work with, it was an absolute mess when i brought it.

A quick funny story  ...... When the van was towed to the van park in Cairns I was only there for 2 days when I started to chop the entire kitchen out with a chainsaw :-) as a good 90% of the cupboards carcase had rotted out from a leakin sink and tap and from around the window it all needed to be replaced.

The good thing was @ the time I was workin at a yard that manufactured roof trusses in Cairns and that was next door to a cabinet makin factory so all materials cost $0 as all doors etc were cut from "cover sheets" and run through their edging machine adhesives and screws also cost nothin so it all worked out well.

Anyway sometime later when i got to know some of the parks residents they told me they all thought i was some sort of nut job (that observation is only partly true) that a bloke moves into the park and two days is tearin his van apart with a chainsaw and turfin everythin out the door :-) ya cant blame em for thinkin that as i would of probably thought the same thing as Van parks do tend to attract some really strange individuals it's a bit like Ham radio and small towns livin in a Van park.

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