Rough as guts

                                          Well ............. there's plenty of room for a spare tyre and that is the main thing

                             Yes... jump right on in it is perfectly safe and the tie down straps will hold her on no worries!!

                                                                                                            Nice try!

Wind resistance is not an issue with this bloke, it has beautiful lines though a champion fabricator this fella but at least he gave it a crack ....  or two, is it a horse float or a camper? Note: the crucified Michelin man :-)

                          WTH???????? who needs windows eh, what's the go with the roof? is that house paint?

Check out this poor old thing it's gotta broken back but 100% road worthy none the less, is that insulation foil glued and riveted on?

Like a glove!!! you could probably turn this into something really nice like a baking tray, set of steak knives, or garden tools, it's a good idea but it just looks horrendous

                                                                                  One word ................. Frankenstein

                                                                                                                             VK3CWM's daily driver
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