Sleeper box

                                                                             It's always fun workin in a confined space.

There is a bit of wasted space in this unit so the LCD can breathe and the three ply is ugly! the cords I used in this unit are lighter then the ones I used in the rest of the van these are also cut on an angle as all the paneling needed breakin up as there are to many vertical and horizontal lines.

Still nowhere near finished yet all the face frame of course needed modifying and doors cut to size and rehung, re hash all the stiles and rails,bit annoyin as the TV has built in DVD player so need full access to the right hand side to load discs, all i have to do now is work out where im gunna install and mount the surround sound system?

Because I have run out of materials again and all i am left with are offcuts no longer than 100- 150 mm to keep with the "theme" i built the doors and veneered them in the 50x50 mm cedar offcuts. I think it looks like a bad "acid trip" 60's to me but Shaz likes it so that's fine by me :-)

The TV  looks a lot neater now i have put a mitered frame around it, anyway gettin there slowly as this is fiddly work and very time consuming.

The entire day today was spent doin the ceiling in the sleeper box a mate was good enough do donate some nice suede he had put aside for a project but decided not to use, it was an absolute nightmare gluing to the roof in the heat of the day layin on me back breathin in glue fumes.

Once again it's a rubbish pic taken with the phone and it does it no justice as it turned out superb givin that comfy feelin of being in a Hoyts cinema as I have hidden inside all the walls (to save space and have no protrusions) six way surround sound speakers with the woofer box built into the space above the fridge makes for very good acoustics @ 1500 watts RMS  blow ya completely outta bed!!!!

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