Solar set up

                                                                                                                                   Solar set up

The slide on is still in it's early stages as i am still in the process of fitting it all out for 12v I have purchased two solar panels (hinged type) connected in parallel configuration at 250 watts combined that have to be mounted to the roof yet with stainless hardware I have fabricated up out of stainless rod, the panels are multicrystalline silicon PV cells which are capable of providing a voltage even when in full shade!! 

These will be hooked to x2 12v 160 Ah deep cycle Trojan wet cells this will eventually be x4 through a 30 amp PV solar charge regulator to run the 12v fridge, various remote control high efficiency LED lighting I have already installed, 3000 Watt pure sine wave 12v inverter, 12v 42" lcd flat screen panel with built in dvd player and HD TV tuner, the 12v power source for 28Db gain signal amplifier for the active antenna, 12v pump I have installed for the sink, 12v 100Ah glass mat batt for back up.

The whole system (half installed) is run through a 300 Amp batteries isolation master switch in case something goes open circuit also run through a fused DC outlet bus, all I have to do now is work out the values of all the in line fuses as I forgot Ohms law years ago :-)

                                                                                             All above work complete.


Panels that will be mounted on top of the roof, originally i was going to mount just one panel on the roof and have the other one set up so as I can move it around plugged in through a waterproof outlet from outside that way when we pull up during the arvo the vehicle can be parked in the shade and that way one panel is always in full sun of course the pair will still be connected in parallel all the time.

                                                                                Panels are now mounted on the roof along with TV antenna.

                                      PV Charge regulator and master isolator switch all wired up, mounted and running perfectly.

DC Switching panel mounted and half wired as a fuse-able link to run low current LED lighting, 12v fans and pump for sink, and the curtains Shaz done! 


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