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I have put this link page together to add more content to this site and also I have a strong interest in Australia's unique Flora and Fauna, some of the articles within this sites sub pages I have published elsewhere on various other sites and some magazines feel free to use any information I have written to the best of my knowledge hopefully it can help you out in some way, if you have anything to contribute on the following subjects I would greatly appreciate any feedback or donations of information/ images on the following areas  ......

Evolutionary Biology

Australian Reptiles

Reptile's and natural selection

The Pygmy blue tongue ( tiliqua adelaidensis ) 

The Slatey grey ( Stegonotus cucullatus )

Any info on the "Varanid" genus, especially V. komodoensis


                                        "Love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man"

                                                                                                                                          Charles Darwin

Download below .............. Charles Darwin's origin of the species, a must read for Darwinian's and church goers alike!! I also have Charles Darwin' The power of movement in plants (25Mb) and some of Darwin's little seen notes on his stay within the Galapagos group of islands which is a good read, the two above mentioned Pdf files are to big to store on this server so if you would like them just email and i will send.

Charles Darwin- On the Origin Of Species.pdf Charles Darwin- On the Origin Of Species.pdf
Size : 2371.438 Kb
Type : pdf

Download below ..............  Charles Darwin The voyage of the Beagle 1839, this is where it all began where Charles really had his thinking cap on and started to piece together his theory on "Natural selection" on the finches of the Galapagos group of Islands, not just finches but a whole host of organisms that lived around Galapagos.

The Cane toad  Link

The White tail spider  Link  WARNING  page contains graphic images.

The Cone shell  Link

The Funnel web spider  Link

The Taipan's  Link 

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