The Old timers

                                                                                       1969 Dodge D-200 crew cab

                                                                Don't know what this old banger is but it looks solid

                                                              This old girl looks like a 1950 Cadillac? beautiful old thing

                                                                                     Maybe an old 1965 Ford F 100?

                                    A 1960 odd Morris minor camper, I wonder if they were built like this from the factory?

                                                                                       1965 Mini 1100 or 850 camper?

                                                                                       Dunno what this old bloke is?

                                                                                               1936 Vintage what?

                                                                                              1970 odd Volkswagen?

                                                                                                1959 Ford camper?

                                                                                                  1965 Bedford truck

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